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"The Virgin"

Lobakah 2:1-5

1 On the thunderous morning of the magic dawn, The Magical Family stood hand in hand adorned in white robes as HALO descended from the Sacred Peaks bearing the seal of the Living God with gifts of music, wine and magical scrolls. 2 HALO then proclaimed, "For HALO has been my angel because he has shown me truth, through myth & reflection; and he has counseled me through the dark influences of my mind and past... 3 From these scrolls, The Virgin has been birthed--addressing some ancient relics that had been locked away below my consciousness for some time. 4 Meditations of my hearts melodies have at last been liberated, in regards to relationships, fidelity, self, sex, purity and commitment. 5 The Virgin in a sense, shattered many of the illuisions I was holding on to, that were holding me back-- & the creator has decreed that it shall do the same for many of the souls among us..."


I love you,


The Virgin was Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by HALO the Great

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