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SHAMANS, Lobakah 1: 1-28

1 At last, after an entire year of persistent adversity, HALO gracefully escaped the bondage of governmental persecution and attack from his surrounding peers. To celebrate, HALO created the " The Prevail Parade ", released it to the public and vanished. 2 After months of disappearance, Moorish scientist found HALO performing in the harems of Maghreb, just outside of the Sahara Desert. 3 They began to study him and expand his knowledge of botany, fragrance and culinary arts. 4 Shortly thereafter, while HALO fasted in the Sahara desert for 7 days, he was found by Medusa in the midst of her quarter century of exile. 5 He became her only pleasure and comfort. She became his muse and inadequacy became a fallacy in their shared past of misunderstanding and retribution. 6 HALO said to Medusa, “As a testament of thy strength thou shall embark upon an 85 day journey through the Sahara Desert for Kemet.“ 7 Medusa replied unto him, “Only if you join me.”8 Dormant genius began to enthrall and inspire them.

9 In the midst of the journey, on a cold desert night-- a gleaming blue spacecraft landed near the mythical one’s sleeping tent. As Medusa slept, HALO exited the tent to greet the visitors as sand whipped through the air around them. 10 Alien’s greeted him with open arms speaking clairvoyantly. They offered HALO immortality, and an opportunity to visit the magic world on the other side of time. 11 They spoke of a world where the gods of mythology dwell. They emphasized to HALO that these gods had created the illusion that they did not exist to the people of planet Earth and that they had chosen him, to represent them on the Earth’s physical plane. 12 Medusa woke up and HALO was gone. 13 The only thing left was a note reading: You are beautiful and you are strong. A chosen magical one you are, who cant stay down for long. 14 I bid you no worries my dear, I bid you no tears-- for I shall be with you when I am not near. Meet me at the foot of Mount Kenya under the tribe's passion fruit tree, for the spirit of magic shall guide you, until you meet me."

15 Months of drought went by on the Serengeti Plain and Moorish prophets began to spiritually summon HALO back to Earth for rainfall; while Medusa awaited the arrival of HALO at the foot of Mount Kenya with the Kukuyu Tribe. 16 As she sat with the tribe, she emphasized to them all, " HALO is my angel who has saved me from the depths of my own despair and he will do the same for the sick and weary of the world."17 On the next magical morning, HALO arrived at sunrise. 18 He was presented with Hopi stone tablets--granting him guardianship of the planet's waters. With water being the chief of elements-- HALO was honored to sacredly guard the waters as they remained the most humble, yet most powerful element of them all. 19 Due to messages received by them through shared dreams, four Serengeti Shamans knew to just follow the sound of laughing people and loud drums that evening; with gifts of incense, kale and water, they were led to HALO. 20 When they were all gathered, HALO said to the skies, “O the rain, how it pours, blessings of the life force right before our eyes. Look at it drop, heavy or light—start to stop—it sustains all life. O rain, rain, rain! Shower your love for the entire world to see, a love so pure in might, the love of you and me.”21 Thunderbolts began to strike and rattle the Earth. Herds began to run and children began to play in the growing showers of the sky. 22 HALO said to the shamans who witnessed the magic, "For the sake of humanity, from this day forward I do not present you with truths pertaining to right and wrong. 23 I do not bid you knowledge we hold to be self-evident. I come to you from the profitable realms of mystery. 24 I come to you from the myth—that inspires possibilities to come for the arising age of humanity. 25 May the culture, art and beauty of our exploration move and compel you towards discipline, precision and integrity. 26 In respect to our efforts, the purest eternal essence shall forever flourish through our magical manifestations here on planet Earth and abroad." 27 HALO left the plains with a zebra for his friend Poseidon and turned a giraffe purple for the people of the Serengeti in exchange. 28 The Shamans all began to weep with joy as HALO flew away with an intergalactic fleet to greet the Native Kachinas of the Southwest, USA--gifting rain and healing for the sick...

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